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TÜV Certification


XADO Gel-REVITALIZANT for Gasoline Engines is officially certified by TÜV for compliance with the declared consumer properties.

TÜV (German: Technischer Überwachungsverein) is Germany’s most respected nongovernmental organization for technical monitoring. In 2010, XADO Gel-REVITALIZANT for Gasoline Engines was extensively tested at the TÜV test center at the University of Applied Sciences Zwickau. The tests were of an operational nature and were conducted by German technical experts using specialized equipment. The TÜV certificate has the highest level of trust among German and European consumers. The received certificate confirms the effectiveness of XADO Gel-REVITALIZANT.

Специалист TÜV-Тюрингия проводивший тестирование геля ревитализанта
Ralf Kleebusch, specialist at TÜV-Thüringen e.V.

“During the certification, the consumer properties of Gel-REVITALIZANT declared by XADO Chemical Group were verified. The engine performance was compared before the use of Gel-REVITALIZANT and after the completion of the standard treatment cycle. The following results were obtained:

Авто на котором тестировалась присадка гель ревитализапнт ХАДО
Сертификат TUV полученный на присадку гель-ревитализант ХАДО
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